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Too much in my mind to blog and too little patience to draft it as separate posts elaborately, hence is this itsy-bitsy post again.

  • One of my favourite playback singers of 60s/70s, P.B.Srinivas is no more. Many of his songs are my all time favourites. ‘Tam nam tam nam’, ‘baaDi hoda baLLiyinda’, ‘baara olidu baara’, ‘aaDisu noDu beeLisi noDu’, ‘aakashave beeLali mele’, ‘ide nanna uttara’, ‘baare baare chandada cheluvina taare’, ‘barede neenu ninna hesara’, ‘vithala ranga..’ are some of the ones coming to my mind right now. He was the voice for Dr Rajkumar for many many years until Raj himself started singing in his films. P B Srinivas’s voice was very soulful, earnest and there was some ‘truthfulness’ in his voice which holds my attention till date. All the music lovers will surely miss him.
  • Another person I liked breathed his last breath last recently. It is famous film critic Roger Ebert. Quite frankly, I was introduced to his reviews very late. I was led to his reviews on Suntimes site by a fellow blogger. Only after reading Roger Ebert’s reviews, we would know how shitty the reviews we come across in umpteen news papers and websites are. Most of his reviews were insightful references for me. At times, for some of the movies, I have read his reviews only to understand and appreciate the movie better. At times, I have gone to his site like a kid approaching a teacher to understand a complex maths theorem. Reading his reviews was like discussing a movie over a coffee with a friend!
  • Continuing the chain of sad thoughts, Armstrong was denied to compete in a swimming competition in Texas recently. I am dead against doping in sports but for some reason I have blind spot for Armstrong. When I say that, I do not support what he did in those 7 Tour de France titles, but I feel the mentioned incident and the likes are little too harsh when he has paid for what he has done. That reminds me of a tweet I came across when he was just stripped off the Tour de France titles. Some dude had tweeted, “Uske bachchon ke haath par tattoo karwaado ki ‘mera baap dope maar ke cycle chalata tha’”. Man, that’s really really rude for the family of a once sporting hero.
  • I’m glued to TV set since the start of the IPL. Enjoying the nail biting finishes as much as the light hearted conversations of the ex-cricketers with Gaurav Kapoor and Samir Kochar in Extra Innings. Hosting the show since the start of season 1, these two guys seem to have got the knack of talking to people and keep the show going. I am thoroughly enjoying it.
  • What is IPL without new Ads, ZooZoo is back with all its cuteness of the ZooZoo world. Of the other new ads, I like the Havells fan ads with ‘Hawa Badlegi’ theme a lot. Particularly the ads in which the guy surprises everyone by willing to change his surname in the registrar office and the one in which the maid is told by the family to sit with them for dinner. What struck me the most in them is the bang-on acting by the actors. I liked the way the guy says with great conviction, “nahin madam, yeh Shanthi Pandit hi rahengi, Main banoonga Vikas Pandit”. And in the other ad, I liked the way the maid sits uncomfortably on the edge of the chair and smiles acknowledging the complements for her sabzi. Kudos to the casting also here. In the short duration of few seconds, to tell a story with such superb acting and also to sell an idea is not an easy job. It reminds me of an article of Harsha Bhogle in ESPNCricinfo some years ago, in which he had defended the idea of T20 games as cricket has evolved catering to the changing needs and the short attention of span of cricket fans. I remember he mentioning T20 games are like the TV commercials, just because they are short, it does not mean there is no creativity, there is no good acting, in fact it requires a different skill to be an ad film maker than to tell a story in 2+ hour movie, comparing the movies to the longer formats of the game. It is not necessary that people perform well in both the formats as different formats require different kind of talent. Isn't that example just apt?

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