Aashiqui poster and the sharing of an ice cream!

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The promos of Ashiqui-2 (found the song ‘Tum hi ho’ quite nice) on music channels – particularly the kissing scene under the leather jacket – reminds me of Aashiqui. I think I was in 2nd or 3rd standard when it was released. The songs were a rage then. For few more years after the movie release, the letter J was reserved for ‘Jaane jigar jaane man’ and M was for ‘Main duniya bhula doonga/doongi’ every time we played antakshari J We used to go to an aunt’s house which was 5-6 kms away from our home, to watch the movie on Doordarshan every Sunday evening. Those were the days (aah... the nostalgia) when families used to visit relative’s homes to watch tv, as not everyone owned a tv those days. OK, I will keep the nostalgic TV watching episodes for some other post and some other time. My aunt’s college going children used to borrow video cassettes and play some new movies on their VCR. One Sunday evening when the movie on DD was not so great (or whatever was the reason), my cousins decided to play Aashiqui video cassette. Curious about the way VCR used to gulp a video cassette, I always used to stand close to my cousins who used to operate the VCR with great pride. My cousin gave me the video cassette cover to hold while he was inserting the cassette into the VCR. Seeing the picture on the cover, I asked him “What are they doing under the jacket? Are they sharing an ice cream and hiding under the jacket so that their moms do not catch them?” My cousins and the people who were waiting for the movie to start were in splits listening to my question. Controlling his laughter, my cousin had said, “Yes, they are sharing an ice cream”. Aashiqui-2 reminded me of my innocent question J I remember we all loved Aashiqui then. Deadpan acting of Rahul Roy and Anu Agarwal bothered us the least, everyone loved the music and hence the movie. Though I have faint memories of the plot of Aashiqui, one other thing I remember is the song ‘Too meri zindagi hain...’ A small girl used to dance to the song sung by her father (I suppose)   showing her midriff on a stranded street on a cold night under the balcony of Rahul Roy’s house. I used to feel really bad for that girl. 
Silly 90s movies and how funny we find it now. Though I don’t have any expectations from Aashiqui-2, but nice it reminded me of my childhood and my innocent question.

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Ab tere bin jeelenge hum ;)

Another nasal classic by Kumar Sanu :)

it was by me, Deva.


Yes yes.. I knew it :)

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