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It has been over an year since I blogged. Now that I have rediscovered for the umpteenth time that hardly any conversation satiate my desire to communicate, the desire to be heard, I am back to my blog. Well, the problem could be with my conversational skills or it could be with the receptors or both. The former problem makes me shout aptly, “jo bhi main kehena chahoon, barbaad kare alfaaz mere…. ”. Needless to say I love this song. “Oh ya ya yaaa”…

Just to give you readers a glimpse of my life in the last one year, aanu expired on 7th of October. It made me think about suffering and death more seriously. I scraped through doctrines, blogs, books for answers pointlessly. Unsatisfied with any answer, I quit that, more like the way I have quit many quests in the past without reaching the goal, without finding the answer.

Nothing much has changed in life otherwise. We shifted house from Malleshwaram to Sahakaranagar. Since then my running trail has been shifted from Sankey to GKVK campus. More about my running escapades later. I learnt driving and bought a second hand car. I can manage through the traffic of Bangalore now. Off late I have realized driving in the traffic is nothing less than a torture. It is not the traffic that is unbearable but the impatience of the fellow drivers on road which irks me the most. I got to read a quote from Jaggi Vasudev which goes like, “You live the way you drive”. I found this statement very intriguing. I am thinking of sticking this quote at the back of my car. I do not expect the fellow drivers to read this and get transformed by reading it, but I have a feeble hope that there might be some guy who thinks before he honks unnecessarily or overtakes from the left, after reading the sticker at the back of my car. I am quite a cynic in these matters. I have no hope that anything would transform anybody so easily because, if it could, it should have happened by now.

Oh, about my long distance running, I am into this madness but without any method yet. One of the mentionable achievement has been finishing 600 odd amongst the 5000 odd runners in TCS 10K run that was held on 5th June. That was my first participation in a recognized running event too. After that the long distance running taught me that there has to be a method to this madness. Stretching the body limits is not an easy task. My mistakes have earned me a stress fracture in my left foot. I have stopped running since 1st August. The persisting pain has made me visit a Sports Medicine Specialist. Right now I am in the middle of physiotherapy and ultrasound sessions. The injury made me skip Kaveri Trail Marathon. I had registered for Wipro 10K Run also. The foot was not so bad; I could have taken part in it. But, my enthusiasm to run nosedived on the previous night of the event, because I did not feel like going to Sarjapur all the way from Sahakaranagar! Moreover, amma had said she will prepare masala dosa for breakfast. I did not want to miss amma’s masala dosa for a marathon!! Knowing the current situation of my injury, I have reduced my category of run from 50Kms to 12.5Kms for Ultra Marathon on 13th November. I am hoping my left foot allows me to complete 12.5Kms on the race day without any problem and also hoping that amma does not prepare masala dosa for the breakfast that day J

Dat’s pretty much of an update.. will keep posting regularly from now on…

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Well dude,

This post has changed my mind from refraining from blogging.

Just that you know, I have given up my domain and have discontinued my blog.. but I retained my blogger site.. am contemplating to start blogging again.


Hey Suksy,

I checked your blog some days back, was shocked to know that your domain had expired.
Ya, resume your blog. Readers like me miss your candid posts..

This post heading sounded like a dialogue from the movie Terminator.

So you are back eh ? "Nobody goes back" .. is another dialogue from the same movie.just FYI. :)

Nice to hear about your experiences. You have had an eventful year..but in the end it all boils down to the masala dosa man. Keep writing.


Hey Deva!,

Good to get the "only" regular reader of my blog back. Well, 'Nobody goes back' eh.. ha ha

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