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This must be my first ever Kannada movie review in my blog, not that I don’t watch Kan movies.. I watch any movie that interests me, language no bar. After many failed attempts to go for dis movie, at last we frnds managed to watch it last weekend.

Lemme make one point clear before you turn away your face wryly, Its not just another Kannada movie glorifying rowdism. Its not just another story where an ordinary boy jumps into rowdism…

The movie is based on a true story that happened in namma BegaLooru during 1980s. The days when people then would get to hear and fear for underworld dons like Kotwal Ramachandra, Jairaj, Oil Kumar et al. Places like Shivaji nagar, KalasipaLya and Sriramapuram were the battle fields for the goons then. The viewers of the movie will be instructed in the beginning itself, to digest the fact that those were the days when there was no advent of mobile phones in people's lives and underworld dons used to ‘deal’ in lakhs and rowdies of those days used to fight with ‘longs’ and ‘machchus’ unlike today’s rowdies who fight at gun point. And no, this does not make the film’s plot obsolete.

The movie unfolds in good pace and maintains the same, keeping the viewer to the edge of the seat. The story is about Chethan Nayak and Mallika and how not only Chethan gets into underworld but also gets involved in the plot to kill Kotwal Ramachandra. I bet this plot did not catch your attention; if you are a Kan film follower. Because this is certainly not new to Kan movie industry, almost every hero here gets into filmdom with a ‘long’ in his hand we might get to watch 100s of such movies. But wait, that’s where Aa dinagaLu, stands out and wins. Lemme also tell you, its not gory as you would expect a movie of such plot would be. Thanks to the crew of Aa dinagaLu for keeping the bloodshed minimal. Except a ‘kurup’ in the beginning and a murder in the end, there is absolutely no violence in the movie.

Speedy screenplay, sensibly violent, 2 melodious songs and tight narration makes the movie a must watch. Though Chethan appears raw in some of his gestures and scenes, but has the ‘looks’ required for the character. Heroine scores better than the hero with better acting skills. Rest of the talented actors are familiar faces seen on small screens and in Bollywood.

Its still running full house in theaters, Watch it guys, don’t miss it…

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Good review anna.

My friends have already asked me maybe a hundred times to go and watch it saying this movie is fantastic. But still I am not able to go and watch it :-(

Your review has generated more interset. Will try and go sometime soon

ya watch it.. 1000% better than Darshan n Sudeep movies :)

this uper chindhi chitranna film.....i was lucky enough to catch it when i was in bangalore

This is one of the best I have seen in recent times.
Amazing movie with brilliant acting and narration. This movie appealed much more for I could recollect most of the characters and politicians.

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