Whispers of Sankey

Posted by Anantha | Posted in , , | Posted on Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I have mentioned about my frequent visits to Sankey Lake in one of my previous posts. I prefer going there alone in the evenings. Walk through some distance to find a stone bench and stare at the still water contained by the stone walls of the lake.

Then some retrospection blah blah goes on in mind for some time. When I am tired of talking to myself, I look around for people walking swiftly; jogging with aching heals, drenched in sweat, some walking in weird ways, some clapping their hands [some clap therapy or some thing]. It amuses me to observe people in their candid emotions, in their true selves. The other day in Sankey, I did no different thing; started observing the people around...

Some females had chosen the path along the lake just for the sake of breathing some fresh air on their way back to home.

Two young professionals seemed like they were not content settling the score with their boss in a battle in office. Both looked relieved in giving gaalis to maa and behen of their boss.

Once I heard one of the gal say this to another, “I cut the call, he was talking al nonsense y’day..”. The other gal dint speak nything, but just smiled. Though the first gal said she disconnected the phone, but her face was lit up when she was saying it. May be she was expecting that poor guy’s call with a sweet apology embedded in it.

There was this old couple walking briskly. The old chap leading by two steps and his wife trying hard catching up with his speed. The couple seemed like attacking the enemies called blood pressure and cardiac problems with every step of their brisk walk.

A voluptuous lady walked past elegantly, wearing a pleasant colored chuDi gripping the curves of her body. I could hear the faint sound of her foot tap produced by her newly bought pair of Nikes.

A happy young couple was carefully following their toddler running ahead of them. Both were restraining the kid from running close to the short fence of the lake.

A BF-GF pair were walking, savoring every step of their walk. Girl had gripped around the elbow of the guy softly, with her head slightly bent towards his shoulders.

Two guys in early thirties had occupied a stone bench next to mine, playing music in their phones. The volume of the music was just right enough to be heard only by them. Sensible guys! Sensible for not playing the music loud and harming the ambience of the park.

The water in Sankey looked as calm as always, reflecting the images of the people passing by. The water seemed mysteriously deep hiding all the secrets within but remaining calm on the surface....

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What an observation... guroo.. hoda janmadalli neen yenaadru nammanna aagidya???

Whenever I go somewhere to get some peace, this is what I do! :)


Sometime this weekend, I am sure to visit Sankey... If u r there, would bump into you gladly! :)

sure... we both shall observe ppl around :)

Hey Ananth, I remember u sms me when u were @ this lake. u referred to ur putting aside ur wallet... or something like that :)
i thoroughly enjoyed the description!

[To Shilpa]:
First of all thanks for the complements.

I had msged you when the idea of composing this post was running in my mind

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