Off on a trip again!

Posted by Anantha | Posted in | Posted on Friday, January 25, 2008

Plan: To leave for Hampi tonite. Explore Hampi on SAT. Attend Karthik’s marriage on SUN in Bellary. Return to namma BengaLooru on MON

Hum-sufferers: Pujar, Byre, Bhai [joins back the nomad gang after a brief hiatus], Nidhi [new addition, ur welcome pal!] n me

Wat to look for:
Ø Another nice adventurous trip
Ø Ruins of Hampi
Ø The whole gang is enthu abt hiring bicycles to explore Hampi. Lets see wat our bums and calf muscles have to say for this
Ø Ruthless sun of Bellary. Oops mera gore chehra ka kya hoga :)
Ø Tunga bhadra dam
Ø I also have plans of some nocturnal roaming on SAT. Lemme c
Ø Fun n only fun with the gang

Food: My taste buds are screaming the name of Mango Tree hotel in Hampi. Reco’d by many frnds and fellow bloggers, Im dying to visit this place for SAT’s lunch

Stay: Thank u Shilpa for arranging the accommodation

Journey: by BMTC. Rd condition is worst it seems :(

Ill post abt the trip soon... byeee

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Happy journey magaa...

If you can, pls visit ICE LAND restaurant in Hospet and taste the icecreams there.. also, the greens salad is awesome!!!

Enjoy the trip.. and hope to see you soon in one piece!!!

hey maga, back in one piece :)

awsm trip mannnnnnnn....
Cudnt try hotel u suggested man, as we hardly explored Hospet...

Will write abt my trip soon..

Good photos man..

Back in one piece after cycling too??? That's gr8...

So, you have enjoyed the trip completely... That's what is most important.

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