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I rarely experience such an inspiring day on a weekend. Sat started as lazy as any other day on weekends. Was tracking the score on and off between my unavoidable weekend wrk in and out of the home. India had heaped a target of 413 for Aussies to chase in the 3rd test of the four match series. Though I was not very confident of our victory in this test, but had great hopes over the result of the test match.

Had to go out when Aussies had lost 7 wickets. Then came back to home to see they had lost another wicket in the form of Michael Clarke. Mitchell Johnson and Stuart Clarke were at the crease. I felt the victory is just few steps away.

Again I had to go out to get some things home. It took a bit longer than I expected to return home. Was surprised to see Johnson and Clarke still batting at the crease playing gritty shots. Aussies needed only 80+ runs to win. Though it was not easy for them to achieve this with tail enders, but was surely enough for Indians to press the panic button. Then I sat glued to the seat till RP Singh bowled out Shaun Tait and India snapped the 16 match winning spree of Aussies. The test win was of course special after the turmoil of Sydney test.

I felt good.. I felt elated…

After finishing the lunch, was surfing the tv channels. There was this 3rd round match happening between Federer and Janko Tipsarevic [49th seed it seems, I had not seen this guy playing]. Though im an ardent fan of Federer and an avid follower of glandslams, I never manage to remember any program schedule on TV. I was shocked to see the set tally. By then both the players had won 2 sets each and were fighting for the final set. The moment I saw this Tipsarevic guy playing, I could make out why the match was pushed to the 5th set. He was playing extremely well.

Neither of dem broke the opponent’s serve until the game tally was 8-8 in the tie-breaker. Till den Federer was finishing the game with impeccable aces, and Tipsarevic winning games of his serve with precise mix of baseline and drop shots. I fell flat for most of his well placed drop shots.

A thought crossed my mind that Federer might lose; I could be watching a historic match. Ohh no. I dint want Federer to lose. As always Federer was keeping calm, only once punching his fist in air and showing his temper on face. I don know how some geniuses like him keep cool even at the crunch time. May be that’s wat holds them apart.

At last the Swiss craftsman broke Tipsarevic’s serve in a valiant manner. Fedex was lagging with 0 and 40 in that game. But he fought back with that ‘extra thing’ in him which sets him apart from other champions. Its in these crunch situations, Federer makes tennis lovers feel why is he so great? The game tally now was 9-8, Federer holding the serve. Now the tension in the sir was cleared, every fan of Federer now knew that he has won it. The craftsman finished the match and entered 4th round of Aus open 08. I also wanna appreciate Tipsarevic for his amazing play that tested the nerve of Swiss genius.

So thus was SAT for me. Watched two great sports events live.

I felt good.. I felt elated…I got inspired…

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Though I did not watch the India-Aus Cricket match till the end, I did watch Federer and I was surprised to note that the match took 4 hours! Ma'an, what should have been the strain and how did they endure it???

BTW, the match b/n Sania and Venus was also good.. Loved the way Sania fought back during the first few sets!

one thing is stamina to play for 4+ hrs and bloody this Fedex hardly shows strain on his face man...forget abt giving up, this guy shines only in such situations man...he is incredible..
no maga, i dint watch Sania vs Venus match..

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