Hampi Conquered

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Highlights of the Hampi trip:

  • Reached Hospet around 7 AM on SAT

  • Got to know the rooms were not available in IB of Hospet [this acco was recco'd by Shilpa]

  • We spotted Udupi KrishNa bhavan and waged a war on it [read breakfast]. Brain started functioning after we exited from the battle field. Left to Kamalapur which is 4 kms away from Hampi

  • Booked a room in one of the ‘cheapest’ lodges der with just manageable facilities to stay. Freshened up and left for Hampi

  • Hired 5 bicycles in Hampi Bazaar and headed towards Queens Bath, Mahanavami Dibba etc

  • Stopped our bicycles near KrishNa temple, BaDavi Linga and famous Lakshmi Narasimha

  • There were many places around Queens bath and Lotus mahal worth spending some time upon

  • Peddling dint bother until we marched towards Vitthala Temple which is 10 Kms from Queens Bath. This was the longest stretch to peddle. We found many tourists on hired 2 wheelers but bicycles. We were the crazy minority who dared to peddle till Vittala Temple. We could not try our hands on musical pillars as some renovation work was in progress

  • Hard saddles weren’t nice on our soft bums J, thighs also started complaining on the way back from Vitthala temple

  • I suggested the next destination as Mango Tree restau. All nodded their heads. We peddled back to Hampi Bazaar

  • We walked along the shore of ThungaBhadra river to find the hotel. I was rejuvenated the very moment I stepped into the restau. Simply superb ambience and delicious food quenched our hunger.

  • Lastly visited Virupaksha Temple
  • Inspired by the colourful Hampi Bazaar, did some shopping
  • Next day vacated room in Kamalapur and left to Hospet and to Bellary from der
  • Attended Karthik’s marriage in Bellary

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Some special things that were worth trying:
  • First of all cycling throughout the day is no less crazy thing. It needs crazy guts to race through the streets of Hampi and accepting the challenges posed by every big/small slopes of the roads
  • Srinidhi made us stop at a place where people were making jaggery out of sugarcane juice. It was nice to taste hot jaggery paste [The same paste is left for drying in shade and then cut into cuboid that we buy from shops]
  • It feels heavenly to sit with our feet soaked in cold water of a lake on the way to Vittala temple
  • As if to test the endurance of my legs, I even gave lift to two local toddlers on the carrier of my bicycle for about 2 kms on the way back from Vitthala temple. By the time I dropped them to their destination, I was breathing like an Asthma patient
  • To end the day with some more adventure, we guys walked back from Hampi to Kamalapura [dist. 4kms] in the nite. It was scary but fun to walk amidst the pitch black darkness, the only source of light being from Pujar’s 1100 [Now u knw why Pujar takes pride in owning that obiraay Nokia model] and from headlights of vehicles passing by rarely

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Quite a good post man.. but i think you could have made it better.

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Sorry for being so frank.. but i had to tell you what i felt.

Thx.. Thx.. for the candid opinion. Ur rite.. this post was da wrk with no heart in it..

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