Mission MelukoTe accomplished.. Ha Ha

Posted by Anantha | Posted in | Posted on Friday, January 11, 2008

Name: Mission MelukoTe / Mission YN2C [fundu acronym for 'Yoga Narasimha 2 Crores' he he]

Brains involved: baDDi maga Byre, paakaDa Pujar, loafer Prashi and new-kid-on-block Me!

Master mind: Prashi

Mission started: Analysed the conditions of the spot by inspecting around thoroughly. Then made the plan concrete, speculated the risks, fixed some loose ends

Then on the D Day err.. D nite: All 4 of us visited the temple during nite time and made the jewelery and valuable things gayab frm der. If u ask me how we did it, I can giv u a hint. Watch Dhoom 2

The crunch time has begun: Prashi fled from India, we 3 have gone underground from past few days. No!, ill not tell you where we hid the jewelry

Planning to share the money once investigation fades out n Prashi comes back safely.

Watte news.. Watte comedy..

We guys visited MelukoTe last to last week and there is this news of jewels and other valuables stolen from the temple!!

So dats how 2008 has started for me..

Oh ya 4got to wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year..

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guys, chk dis sentence in the post, "All 4 of us visited the temple" ha ha

We visited the temple to break open the door!!!! ha ha ha. I can never get da language of the world unknown to me :)

Lo magaa..

Jopaana kano.. ee post inda ninna yetthaakthare olage..


However, I'll always be there to vouch for you! :)

I remember when I had read the story of the theft in newspapers that I had read your blog just a day before and seen your photos.

But I dint think you would do it. Anyway, good luck with the loot. Use it judiciously. :-)

[to Shashi mam]: he he.. ull get a share if u don leak da secret to police ;)

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